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Congratulations on starting your journey into the wonderful world of guitar playing! Carlton Guitar Lessons welcomes beginners and intermediates to online guitar lessons, set to the music you love. The dynamic private tutoring from Guitar Teacher Alana ensures learning is practical, fun and builds confidence for students. 

Whether you are looking to start playing the guitar from scratch, need a refresher one-off lesson, or feel stuck on certain topics, Carlton Guitar Lessons can assist you in becoming an independent guitar player.

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Alana is an inspiring teacher to my two children aged 6 and 12. She has been very patient in teaching them, and holding group sessions for them to play with other kids. 


My daughter strummed through her 3 songs at the recital and it brought tears to my eyes. It was unforgettable.


I started out knowing nothing about playing guitar; learning at the pace Alana set for me made learning to play the guitar a breeze.