About Guitar Lessons

I'm tossing out the traditional sheet music as a metaphor that this won't be a typical music lesson. The guitar lessons you'll have with me are much more dynamic with singing songs from genres and artists that you love too. While there will always be some technical work, I'll ensure that these are delivered in a fun and challenging way. The approach to music will be practical, build confidence and give you great memories for years to come as previous students can attest to. I always ensure that students have exercises they can take home and tools that will encourage independent guitar playing as well.

- Teacher Alana 

 Chords, guitar tabs, strumming, plucking, singing

 Pop, rock, acoustic, jazz, 70s-2000s genres

✓  Students' favourite music: Taylor Swift, Beatles, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Jason Mraz, The Corrs, Michael Jackson, Train, Bruno Mars, etc. ​

About Alana

Alana is a guitar tutor for beginners and intermediate learners. She has been teaching since 2006 across various age groups and different genres of music. 

Attained Grade 6 Level in the Yamaha School of Music and is qualified to teach. 

Other experiences over the course of the teaching career are:

  • Employed for as a teacher in the children's summer program of Johnson and Johnson

  • Organised and produced successful recitals for students to perform their learnings 

  • Produced a Christmas carolling night with the students where they raised funds for a local charity

  • Won first place in two songwriting competitions

  • Co-organised and performed in various independent fundraiser gigs for local charity

✓ Students ages 7+ 

✓ Working with Children 

✓ Police Check

Committed to Child Safety

Online Guitar Lessons via Zoom 


Carlton Guitar Lessons aims to give students the confidence in learning a new skill through music. Playing the guitar and singing are not only enjoyable as a hobby at home, but also as a social activity with friends. Teacher Alana can help students prepare for a performance at school or even at special family gatherings! 


It is important that students enjoy what they learn. While there are aspects of learning that are technical, it will never be boring or tiresome. Subjects will always cover a range of interest to include student’s favourite songs or bands to some of the classics — think everything from Ed Sheeran to the Beatles! 


Carlton Guitar Lessons always ensures a comfortable and conducive environment for learning. It is important that teaching is delivered in a positive, inspiring and empowering way for students. Alana’s goal is to ensure students leave classes feeling like they are able to bring something new home. 


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